If your product isn't complete enough it could hurt your Kickstarter goals

Your Product Isn’t Complete Enough

It’s important to make sure your project is well on its way by the time you launch your crowdfunding campaign to show the backers you’re serious. They don’t just want to know that you can do it – they want to know that you care about it.  Read more

Winston Churchill

Quote Of The Week

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” —Winston Churchill

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Kickstarter is not for begging.

You’ve Never Backed A Kickstarter

You’re getting ready to launch your Kickstarter. Your love your project, and you know the world will too. So you have a Kickstarter account, click the link to start creating your campaign, and start typing away. You pick a title, a description, write your story, create some rewards, upload a picture, and click launch. Awesome! But, how do you know your campaign is any good? How do you know it even looks like a Kickstarter campaign? Read more