Kickstarter is not for begging.

You’ve Never Backed A Kickstarter

You’re getting ready to launch your Kickstarter. Your love your project, and you know the world will too. So you have a Kickstarter account, click the link to start creating your campaign, and start typing away. You pick a title, a description, write your story, create some rewards, upload a picture, and click launch. Awesome! But, how do you know your campaign is any good? How do you know it even looks like a Kickstarter campaign?

Let’s assume your product is as awesome as you believe – I have faith in you. That does not mean your Kickstarter campaign remotely resembles what it should. And even if it does, your backers will see that you haven’t backed any other projects – will they want to give to someone who doesn’t give back?

Direct Correlation

John Coveyou, a crowdfunder and blogger at Genius Games, has researched Kickstarter statistics in depth, and found a direct correlation between a project’s likelihood of success and the number of projects its creator has backed. Coveyou told Richard Bliss, crowdfunding guru and host of the podcast Funding the Dream, that:

“It is incredibly clear that the number of projects a [] project creator has backed, that amount increases at almost the same rate as the success rates increase. So if a project creator has backed 1-5 projects, it’s right around a 27% success rate. 6-10 projects backed, it jumps up to 48%. 11-25 projects it jumps up to 52%, 26-50 projects back jumps up to 64%…100-200 projects backed, it jumps up to 72%.”

Should you go out right now and back 100 different Kickstarter projects to increase your odds? Well, maybe, but correlation does not confirm causation. As Mark Twain said, “there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” So before you jump the gun with this knowledge, we need to think about why this data might be so. Only then can you turn it to your advantage.

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