Life is an adventure to Carmelo Chimera

A professor at Carthage told me, “Carmelo, you seem to experience 3 full days in what everyone else experiences as a single 24 hour day.”

I thought I kept busy back then – I worked as the managing editor of the school’s paper, studied abroad in China, and graduated summa cum laude in three years. But things kicked into high gear during my first year of law school at the University of Chicago when I opened my first business, Chimera’s Comics.

Carmelo Chimera at his first store in La GrangeStarting a brick-and-mortar retail business at the age of 21 in the worst economic conditions in 70 years was no mean feat. I had the benefit of great mentors and months of research. But even their experience couldn’t prepare me for opening 3 stores in 4 years, clerking a year at the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, and working in private practice at a Chicago law firm. All the while, small business always excited me more than anything else.

Last year, I successfully turned to crowdfunding to bring my first original graphic novel, Magnificent, to life. That’s when I realized using creative solutions to turn problems into opportunities filled me with more passion than anything else.

That’s why I started Chimera Solutions. I want to bring you information, inspiration, and innovation to solve the problems facing small businesses and solopreneurs.

I hope the solutions in my podcast, blog, newsletter, and books help you solve your unique challenges. And if I your unique challenges require more hands on assistance, it would be my great pleasure to help your business goals and dreams come true.